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 16.8.14 Raisio EXC-2 Veteran Sandra Mashford
 1.10.11 Tuulos, FCI 10
 EXC-3 Open
 Miro Zlojutro
 Heinola EXC (late for conquerrence class)  Csaba Zolt Lokodi 
 HVK Sighthound Specialty, Helsinki VG Open  Bertrand Piau
 Finnish Saluki Specialty, Helsinki
 EXC Open
 Säde Hohteri
 Kaarina/St. Karins, FCI 10 EXC-2 Open, out of 14 males Barbara Ruth Smith
 HVK Sighthound Specialty, Helsinki EXC Open
 Björn Fritz
 Finnish Saluki Specialty, Helsinki
 EXC-4 Open out of 33 males!! Carole Beyerle
 EXC Open
 Guido Vandoni
 Heinola EXC-2 Open
 Saija Juutilainen
 Salo EXC-4 Open
 Andreja Novak
 Varkaus EXC-4 Open
 Petru Muntean
 Lappeenranta/Villmanstrand INT EXC-2 Open
 Gabriela Ridarcikova
 Helsinki VG Open
 György Tesics
 Kuopio INT
 EXC-2 Open, Best Male-4, res-CACIB  Saija Juutilainen
 Karis/Karjaa G Open
 Pirkko Konttinen
 SVKL Sighthound Specialty, Mustiala
 G Open
 Brian Duggan
 Finnish Saluki Specialty, Mustiala
 G Open
 Christina Roseen-Lundström
 Hamina/Fredrikshamn INT  EXC-2 Open
 Zeljko Galic
 Rauma/Raumo VG Open
 Rajko Rotner
 Kaarina/St. Karins, FCI 10
 VG Intermediate
 Darko Petreski
 Lahti/Lahtis, FCI 8 & 10
 S Intermediate
 Outi Piis-Putta
 Tampere/Tammerfors, FCI 9 & 10  VG Intermediate
 Björg Foss
 Vantaa/Vanda VG Junior
 Refet Hadzic
 Heinola VG Junior
 Unto Timonen
 Kotka INT
 EXC-2 Junior
 Stelios Makaritis
 Finnish Saluki Specialty, Helsinki VG Junior
 Michael Williams
 Turenki VG Junior
 Anne Klaas
 Puppy Show (inoff.) Helsinki
 KP-2 Leni Nousiainen
 Puppy Show (inoff.) Espoo/Esbo
 KP-2 Saija Juutilainen

KP = Kunniapalkinto/Honour prize (given to puppies only)

In 2007 Asham took part in a number of Fun Match shows, of which his best placement was Best In Show-2 on Canidae Match Show, Inkoo 17.05.07 :-)

Asham and showing

Asham isn't a big fan of showing, but he pulls himself together and does it for his silly owner who seems to like it :P. At times though, the judge looks a little too suspicious to him and he finds it hard to be touched in private places, where he will often sit down or lean against me. In the ring he moves at a moderate pace always keeping the brakes on a little bit, with a look on his face saying  "mom, is this necessary.."  Asham has a res-CACIB and a best male-4 placement to brag about. Being placed 4th in an Open Class of 33 males on the Saluki Club Specialty in 2010 wasn't too bad either! If he'd enjoy the show ring more, we don't doubt he would have done fairly well.

In 2012 a broken toe stopped him from participating in shows alltogether. 

     Health tests

19.5.2014 Heart ultrasound and EKG: no changes since last year. A clinically unsignificant leakage (10%) at the left ventricle. Murmur 2/6 left side (not due to leakage). No indications of DCM were detected. Yearly check-ups recommended, but Asham's larger left ventricle is most probably normal variation within the breed. He is for now diagnosed as cardiologically healthy.

22.4.2013 Heart ultrasound, EKG and blood test: no changes since the previous examination were detected, which suggests Asham's left ventrical size would be normal variation within the breed. Murmur 1/6, left side. EKG and blood values incl. T4 and TSH (thyroid values) normal. Further heart screen controls recommended.

4.9.2012 Heart ultrasound, EKG and blood test: diagnose undetermined concerning DCM; left ventricle rather large; murmur 1/6 systolic, no findings that explain the murmur. EKG and blood values incl. T4 and TSH (thyroid values) normal. Suggested for a heart screen control group of salukis due to the size of the left ventricle.


Other health issues: Asham started to show symptoms of mild epilepsy just after he turned 8. He would have seisures that lasted a few minutes where he slowly arched his neck downwards or to one side, lifted his paw, curved his back and walked in a stiff manner (when asked to move), and with a confused look in his eyes. He is on a low dosis of phenobarbitol that luckily keeps the symptoms away completely. 

Apart from this he has had no other health problems. He has been treated for small injuries to the skin, a few damaged front teeth and a toe fracture.



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