Family & relatives



- where are you mummy?? save me!



Maysun doesn't like to show :)

- much better I say!



left: Ali & Maysun, right: Yalameh-couple


other relatives on the show:

grandfather Raquim, Best Veteran







"meravigliosa creatura"


 Banou about 3,5 months





Asham's grandfather Raquim-Chalid al Firdous (Gandhi's sire)

January 2009:


Raquim & daughter Usayma



..and Ta'izz Tal Amal - 14 years - Asham's great grandmother, Raquim's dam:




Raquim and Ta'izz are owned by Mrs Shera Chuat, France


The whole Maysun A-litter - all boys:


Aaron (black&tan) owner Riccardina Di Marino, Italy

Aladino (black&tan) owner Heinrich Brake, Germany

Alibabá (red w. black fringes) owner Riccardina Di Marino, Italy

Asham (red w. black fringes) owner Sonja Holm, Finland

Assuan (black&tan) owner Clara Gardoni, Italy  


~ Relatives In Memoriam ~

brother Aaron 19.04.2006 - 22.04.2013

owned and loved by Dina DiMarino & Daniele Delise


brother Aladino 19.04.2006 - 17.09.2011

 father Gandhi 17.01.2002 - 30.04.2010 

both owned and loved by Heinrich Brake & family


brother Assuan 19.04.06 - 12.04.2007  (car accident)

owned and loved by Clara Gardoni & family

 Assuan's memorial page

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